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At Adventure Kids Dental, we’re proud of our team and the work we do, but we wouldn’t be here without you. Our pride grows whenever we hear about how we’ve made dental visits positive for your family.

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Why Our Patients Smile

"Dr. Candy has gone above and beyond every time we have seen her. She is an absolute pleasure to visit, and my children are eager to see her during each appointment. She takes time to know each child and their family. I knew from our first visit that we had found our forever dentist. Through all of her interactions with staff, parents, and all kids, I have observed that she truly cares about the kids and takes pride in her quality work. She was extremely helpful when my four-year-old had a traumatic fall resulting in a completely cracked molar. I was able to get ahold of her, and she made an appointment for the same day. She removed all of the cracked tooth, the roots, and placed a perfectly fitting spacer in his mouth which lasted for years. I cannot thank Dr. Candy enough for her sweet heart and passion for working with children. I highly recommend Dr. Candy for any pediatric dental needs."
"Dr. Jeff McComb is a wonderful dentist. He enters the room and makes you and your child feel very important and well cared for. He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain procedures and treatment plans that he feels is best for your children/family. You can tell that he is well respected not only by the patients and families that he treats but also his staff. He has a wonderful way of communicating with my child and eases any fears he is having. My son gets very nervous when he has to go to the dentist but when Dr. Jeff enters the room, I witness the anxiousness and fear melt away. We highly recommend our friends and family to Dr. Jeff McComb."
"I am writing this letter to give a very favorable recommendation for Dr. Jeffrey McComb. Our two teenage girls have been seeing Dr. Jeff for over the past 10 years, and they both enjoy their dental visit. We live in Elk Grove and drive out to Roseville just to see Dr. Jeff. For us, it’s worth the drive because of the excellent quality care that we receive. Dr. Jeff is extremely professional, at the same time, gentle and caring with my girls. I can still remember Dr. Jeff using the term “sugar bugs”, instead of cavities when my girls were in preschool. He always has a positive approach and he is very thorough. He gives us a clear explanation of what he is going to do before he begins his examinations; thorough explanations if we need to have additional procedures done. Our office visits were always stress-free and pleasant. Dr. Jeff has been a blessing to our family and we look forward to many more years of dental care under his skillful supervision and work."

Your child’s smile brightens our day, too!

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