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Some images shown are stock photos, not actual patients.
Some images shown are stock photos, not actual patients.


If you’re familiar with us and our three pillars (Compassion, Consistency, Communication), you know we like to take our mission on the road—often all the way to the Philippines! We practice loving our neighbors (near and far) as we love ourselves.

Help us make a difference in more lives!

Mission Trips

Organizing to provide needed care.

Drs. Jeff and Candy McComb took their first dental mission trip together to Candy’s country of birth in 2006. Candy’s mother was a singer and missionary that traveled the world, and she met Candy’s father, the pastor of a large church, while she was in the Philippines.

They visit the Philippines every two to three years to reconnect with their family, and to collaborate with a medical team and provide free dental care to people in need. Over the course of just three to four days, they may treat up to 1,600 men, women, and children.

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Adventure Kids is Helping Empower At-Risk Youth

Compassion Planet

Adventure Kids Dental is proud to announce our GIVE partnership with Compassion Planet in Rocklin, California through monthly donations to their organization, and each new patient that joins our dental family allows us to expand our support to their mission.

The goal of Compassion Planet is to empower at-risk and aged-out foster youth to overcome obstacles, achieve independence, and reach their full potential as productive adults living independently. Compassionate Planet provides disconnected young adults with useful tools for life, addressing essential needs including but not limited to housing, nutrition, employment, finance, health, ethics, and everyday coping skills through over 1,200 hours in their year-long intensive Mentor Program. Compassionate Planet trainees are employed by the organization’s Deer Creek Farm and Compassion Thrift Store, where they gain valuable career development insights along with life coaching and support to set them up for long-term success.

How do donations assist Compassion Planet?

  • Fund lifelong services such as counseling, mentoring, and forever family connections, making kids part of a healthy community
  • Encourage internships through local businesses for program graduates
  • Keep their program and businesses robust so they can continue to change lives for the better

Are there other ways to help Compassion Planet?

Dr. Jeff and Dr. Candy love what Compassion Planet is doing! We intend to do service projects with them in the future in addition to our ongoing financial support. Please return to this page to check for updates.

Thoughts, prayers, and compassion in action!

If you’d like to know more about how your Adventure Kids Dental team likes to express gratitude and give back, contact us today!


Some images shown are stock photos, not actual patients.

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